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Review Newspaper 'De Standaard' - 10 February 2016


What is music en why does it do what it does? In Tolstoy's novella 'Kreutzer sonata', the music gets cursed because of the feelings it makes us experience which we initially don't feel. But when it comes to matters of the soul, Jolente De Maeyer en Nikolaas Kende are one step ahead of Tolstoy. On their debut recording we hear this infamous sonata of Beethoven in a crisp and enthralling performance. The role play between this duo is a conversation to be matched: she the activist, he the lyricist. Olympic overview and poetic insight keep each other continuously in balance, as we can also hear in the works that complete this recording: a chilling beautiful Pärt and a lyrical precious Shostakovich. An engaging recital disc, which you want to re listen immediately after hearing the last track.



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