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Review 'Luister' Magazine


A recital prgram full of contrast. We get an exciting start with the highly demanding Kreutzer sonata on this disc. Bright, with temperament, but sometimes also restlessness and agitation in the first movement. The soundscape, now and then with sizzling exclamations in the violin and dominant presence in the piano, contributes to that restlessness. Yet, once we get used to this, this makes it a very convincing and exciting interpretation.

The movement with variations, Andante, succeeds beautifully, the playing in the finale is more balanced than in the first movement. 'Fratres' by Pärt sounds atmospheric and concentrated. The Preludes for piano by Shostakovich transcribed by violinist and friend Dmitry Tsyganov for violin and piano , seem to be made for the duo De Maeyer - Kende to showcase their musicality: irony, humor and satire as well as unlimited emotion and tenderness. Shostakovich meant to evoke it, they make it audible.

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