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Review 'Radio Klara'


The long awaited debut recording of this duo has arrived. The program of this CD is built around the Kreutzer sonata, Sonata n. 9 in A, op.47 (1803) of Ludwig Van Beethoven. This sonata was deemed unplayable by violinist George Augustus Polgreen which resulted in Beethoven rededicating it to the violin virtuoso Rudolphe Kreutzer. This violinist also neglected this sonata, calling it 'scandalously incomprehensible'.


De Maeyer, who was awarded by Klara for her 'technical qualities and artistic inspiring violin playing', masters this sonata completely with a full and powerful tone, crystal clean chords and a matching intonation. The duo - also husband and wife in real life - is clearly fully in tune with one another. 

The CD is completed by works that fit thematically with Beethoven as well as Tolstoy's work, Fratres by Arvo Pärt and the Preludes for violin and piano by Dmitri Shostakovich which are welcome arrangements of the original version for piano solo. 

Chamber music to savor.



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